Is it Prideful to Ask for a Raise?

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 Is it prideful to ask for a raise?⁣

Our faith teaches us to be humble, grateful, and peaceful. The idea of asking for a raise, which necessitates confidence in our value and assertion of our needs, can seem counter to these values. But is it?⁣

The Lord commands us to be good stewards of our gifts and talents. What better way to steward these gifts than through prudently and prayerfully discerning the ways we add value in our jobs? God is a God of justice, and fair compensation for the contribution we make is just.⁣

As we advance our skills and contribute at higher levels, our work, time, and talents become more valuable. Asking for fair compensation is an essential way to honor God and the gifts He has shared with us.⁣

Think of the parable of the landowner who gives his servants talents before heading off on a journey. It’s the servants who double the investment through wise and prudent measures who are further rewarded by Him. Conversely, the servant who buries the talent in the ground is reprimanded.⁣

So how do we ensure our desire for a raise is not prideful?

Ask These Questions:

1. How long have I been in my role?⁣

The longer you are in a role, the better you become. We make less mistakes, work more efficiently, and have stronger relationships with colleagues and partners. In turn, you are providing more value today than you were a year ago. ⁣

2. Can I point to concrete contributions?⁣

Every Friday, I make a list of the things I accomplished that week. When it comes time to raise and promotion discussions, I can point to my contributions and make the case for increased compensation.⁣

3. How will I respond to a “no’?⁣

A “no” is not the end of the conversation. Take the opportunity to ask how you can improve and check in often. ⁣

We (as women) often have a very hard time asking for raises and promotions. If you think it’s time to ask, you’re probably far overdue. Take it to prayer, prepare for the conversation, and trust that the Lord will always provide. ⁣

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    Jane Kennedy

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