The Blender in the Snowstorm

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Bold in Faith

“Each time of life has its own kind of love.” – Leo Tolstoy, Family Happiness and Other Stories

This weekend we celebrate the day of love, a day marked by pink hearts and chocolates and flowers. For many, it’s a beautiful reminder of the love in their lives. For others, it can be an annoying reminder of what they want but don’t have. It’s a controversial holiday, and in our culture it has a bit more power over us that maybe it should. So, since it’s on the mind, let’s talk about love.

I’ve been reflecting on this quote by Leo Tolstoy, and every time I come back to it, I fall deeper into it. Our very lives are love. We are created and known by Love himself. We are here because of Love. We are safe because of Love. Love is written into the very fiber of our being. And at different stages of our lives, that love (while it might look different or be harder to find sometimes) is always, always present.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt deeply loved and cared for by my friends. In the midst of interviewing for grad school, I’ve had friends and family saving my interview times and praying for me while I’m on the calls. I’ve had friends invite me over and make delicious meals to celebrate another one done. A new roommate moved in and she’s made me dinner every night. I’ve had friends reach out to affirm me in who I am and the work I’m doing. So when I remembered it was Valentine’s Day next weekend, I felt excited. Because, although I’m not currently in a romantic relationship, Love is so present in my life, and I can’t wait to celebrate that.

If you’re struggling with community and the love present in friendship, don’t forget that you are loved by the very Creator of the Universe, God, who wants to love you and be close to you and meet the desires of your heart with abundance. This past week at work was exhausting and overwhelming and I spent a good portion of it crying out, “Jesus, fix it, please. Help me.” I was underwater with assignments and my phone was blowing up. I was tired and a little stressed and what I really wanted was… a smoothie. A smoothie was going to make me feel better, I just knew it! So my new prayer became: “Jesus, please help me, also I would really like a smoothie.”

The only problem was that I didn’t have a blender. And there was a blizzard outside. But on Tuesday afternoon, as I trudged back from my office through the snow flurries, I was met with a sweet surprise. My new roommate was moving in, and the first thing she carried into the house was a tricked-out Ninja blender. She offered it to me and said, “Sorry, this is the only kitchen appliance I have with me,” and I almost burst into tears. Jesus brought me a blender in a snowstorm. His Love – always present, always close – was made so real to me. And I had a really yummy smoothie, which didn’t fix everything, but it reminded me of how Jesus is always listening and desires to be close to me.

Sisters, whatever your relationship status this next Sunday, know that you are loved by Love. He wants you to experience community of people who rally around you and pray for you and cheer you on and bring you blenders (or whatever you’re longing for). Most of all, He wants you to experience Him. The love we experience at each stage of life is undeniably different, but love is always beautiful and always worth celebrating.

If you’re struggling to feel this love, take some time today to write out everything you’re grateful for. Give Jesus permission to love you by praying, “Lord, I give you permission to love me today. I give you permission to show me how you love me.”

One day soon, when you move into a new season of love, you’ll look back on this unique and precious love with nostalgia. So be here, now. Receive Love, now. And, once you’ve received it and rested in it, go out to the world and be Love to others.


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Jane Kennedy
Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy lives in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and works in criminal justice reform. When she’s not working or writing, she’s probably catching up with friends on FaceTime, getting lost in Rock Creek Park, quoting C.S. Lewis, or trying to recreate Salt and Straw ice cream at home.

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