Embrace, not Endure

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Bold in Faith

We think, “No, this time I will endure. 

Things will be better in the future”. 

Indeed, they will. 

We think, “No, it can not be so!” 

We’ve defeated this demon, dealt with the night and already faced this winter. And yet— 

The ice pushes from the earth the stones anew. 

And so we fight, 

Because before dawn, although we do not see, we hear the songs of birds again. Because before dawn, before we even see the light, we feel it near. Because those same voices to us reclaim, Whom do you seek? And because of the daffodils that silently proclaim among the Dead— He’s Alive! 

Oh! To embrace and not to endure, for the promise of the Morning is even sweeter!

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Pilar Miranda
Pilar Miranda

Pilar Miranda is from Detroit, Michigan. She is passionate about bringing people together and chai tea lattes. She teaches third grade, and when she is not lesson planning or grading, she is reading a Russian novel, busy baking (probably quiche), or writing at a coffee shop. You can find her writings at everunfolding.net.

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