Episode 19 | Law School, The Sabbath, and Biking from Texas to Alaska

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Bold in Life, Podcast

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 “I have an image of God to bear this week, and not an image of myself to build.”

My incredible friend, Jacquelyn Clark, is on the podcast today, and we’re talking about all sorts of things! Jacquelyn is a second year (2L) at the George Washington University School of Law, where she’s learning how to balance her faith, work, and life like a superstar every day! We talk about her journey to law school, what it’s like to find balance in her crazy schedule, and how her contagious joy has affected her classmates and professors. Jacquelyn also shares her experience of biking from Texas to Alaska (!!) during the summer after her senior year of college at UT Austin in the Texas4000, which raises money for cancer research. Finally, Jacquelyn drops the wisdom of her amazing sabbath practice. She inspires me, and I know she’ll inspire you too!


About Jacquelyn:
Jacquelyn is a native Texan and went to undergrad at the University of Texas. She currently lives in DC where she is studying law and a member of her school’s Moot Court Team. This summer she’ll be clerking for the City of Austin fulfilling a dream of hers to work as a public servant. In her free time, she enjoys walking her cat, watching Audrey Hepburn movies, and making her friends take the Enneagram personality test.


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