The Most Important Question to Ask Today

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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Instead of a longer letter this week, I want to offer a simple question for reflection, posed this past week by a very good and very holy friend.

Here it is: “Lord, what is Your will for me today?”

That’s it. Simple, clear, and leads us on the path to heaven. If the most important thing we can do is God’s will, then the first step is figuring that out. And since He desires for us to know His will, He will reveal it.

I invite you to take a moment right now to close your eyes and ask Him: “Lord, what is Your will for me today?” Let Him speak into the silence. And then, choose to be obedient to whatever arises. Call a friend. Go for a run. Help your coworker in a hidden way. The Lord calls us where He needs us. This little question, asked daily, will change the world. It will make us saints. So what are we waiting for? Invite Him into your day, now.

In Christ,


What we’re loving lately (on the blog and beyond!)

Bishop Barron Address to the Naval Academy: Called into the Depths

I absolutely loved this two part address by Bishop Barron at the Naval Academy! You can find part one here and part two here. I highly recommend it!

Why Pride will Ruin Your Life

Another solid podcast here, this one brought to us by the wonderful team at the Becoming Something Podcast. This episode struck my little prideful heart so much that I listened to it twice in a row. The link is to Spotify but the podcast is on Apple too! They have tons of other great episodes you should check out as well.


Walking with Mary Through May with Gabriela R.A. Doyle

This May, in honor of our Blessed Mother, we’re sharing weekly reflections by our very own Gabriela R.A. Doyle on the life of Mary! Enjoy!

Mary trudged toward her stove, the sun already oppressively hot this early in the morning. No one had told her how much a growing boy ate. More than that, it seemed like every time she washed a shirt, Jesus had once again spilled something on it or decided that rolling in the dirt was much more fun than whatever toy Joseph had painstakingly crafted for His last birthday. The angel had certainly never told her the Son of God would be so…human.

Ruffling Jesus’s hair, she set him up with His breakfast, her son’s cue to sit quietly for awhile. Jesus happily obeyed, scarfing down the stew she knew He loved–a bit of a bribe, if she was being honest. Quietly kneeling in the corner to pray, Mary begged for patience. When she emerged, Jesus’s bowl was already washed and dried on the counter. Odd–until she heard the snoring emanating from Jesus’ nap mat. Father and son lay fast asleep, their breathing in sync. She smiled, breathing in the quiet, and finishing her morning tasks quickly.

Words of the Week

“A humble soul does not trust itself, but places all its confidence in God.”

// St. Faustina

Intentions for This Week

For those traveling. For our recent graduates. For those in our lives we desire to know Jesus more intimately. For those out of work or underemployed.

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Jane Kennedy
Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy lives in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and works in criminal justice reform. When she’s not working or writing, she’s probably catching up with friends on FaceTime, getting lost in Rock Creek Park, quoting C.S. Lewis, or trying to recreate Salt and Straw ice cream at home.

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