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Hello friends, and happy Tuesday!

This week’s newsletter is going to be a little shorter than usual because I’ve been laid out with a nasty cold/cough/sore throat for the past five days (please pray for me!). So I’m just sharing a few of my congested thoughts from this week. I hope they make sense – if not, blame the DayQuil.

  1. Sometimes, when you’re feeling really crummy, the best thing to do is go outside and lie down in the sunshine.
  2. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
  3. A bonus of feeling under the weather is that you can watch entire seasons of Madam Secretary and Arrested Development and/or hours of Disney movies without guilt or judgement.
  4. Lying awake at night is a great opportunity to pray a rosary. Or chat with Jesus. I always think, “Wow, Lord, I can’t sleep so I guess you wanted to hang out for a while. Here I am!”
  5. The CVS MinuteClinic is actually quite efficient/effective/useful.
  6. Being sick in a messy house is worse than being sick in a clean house. I use my 30 minutes of caffeinated morning time to pray and clean.
  7. The Chase Sapphire card offers a free DoorDash DashPass to cardholders. I’ve been ordering a lot of Pho.
  8. Taking a sick day is best for everyone. No one wants to hear this voice and my brain is mushy plus I’m experiencing an intense lack of patience.
  9. Watching the Olympic Trials for Gymnastics will make you cry happy tears which also clears the sinuses.
  10. Never eat a Sour Patch Kid from the hands of a six-year-old. It doesn’t matter how cute the child is, it’s not worth it.

I hope you’re having a week of joy, energy, and good health! See you next week.

In Christ,


What we’re loving lately (on the blog and beyond!)

Join our Bible Study Trial Group!!

Friends! I have spent the past year working on this six-week bible study focused on faith, work, and life – and it’s finally here! I’m still looking for two groups to join our trial and offer feedback before we release the study to the world. It’s six weeks, and we need all of the trial groups to start the study by mid-August so we can get feedback by the end of September. If you can gather a group of 3-10 friends for this weekly, interactive, and dynamic study, please fill out this form here! Questions? Reply to this email and I’d be happy to answer! Applications close Friday, July 2.

Resting in His Heart by Joy Ruiz

To close out this beautiful month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Joy offers a reflection on how she came to know His Sacred Heart in a new and personal way while dealing with burnout in a difficult job. There’s so much to learn from her experience and vulnerable witness.


Liturgical Living with Gabriela R. A. Doyle

This month, we’ve learned more about the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, and how this special devotion can help us boldly believe in the transubstantiation. But how does this translate into our daily lives?


If you’re new to The SundayMonday, you may not be familiar with the Surrender novena. We pray it the first 9 days of each month and you can follow along on our Instagram stories for the prayers. If you’re still struggling to believe in the true presence, it’s okay to ask God to help you. Surrender your disbelief to him, “close our eyes in trust, and say, ‘Jesus, you take care of it.’ He will.”


Jane introduced me to this prayer the very first time I went to Adoration. I had been sitting there and trying to understand how God was truly present and asked God for a sign. Moments later, Jane pulled out this prayer card and it’s become my absolute favorite. The beautiful imagery of the Sacred Heart and quotes to St. Margaret Mary on the front remind us of our ability to lean on the Blessed Sacrament. It offers a way to surrender that is not preachy or “holier than thou.” It is simple, quiet solace in the Sacred Heart. Pray it once and we promise you’ll come back to it again and again!


Tune in next week to learn more about the Church’s focus for July. No spoilers!


Words of the Week

“Our greatest cross is our fear of crosses.”

// St. John Vianney

Intentions for This Week

For all those who are under the weather (there are a lot of us right now!) For those grieving the loss of a loved one. For those longing for direction and purpose in their lives.

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Jane Kennedy
Jane Kennedy

Jane was born in Australia, raised in California, and is overjoyed to now call NYC home. She graduated from UCSB with degrees in Political Science and Communication and spent the past two years working in criminal justice reform. She is currently an MBA student at NYU Stern, focusing on entrepreneurship and strategy.

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