Episode 30 | Are You My Mentor?

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Bold in Work, Podcast

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Are you my mentor?

Mentorship is a buzzy concept – especially around young professionals – but what the heck is a mentor, and how do I find one?
In this episode, I dive into the definitions of mentors and mentorship, share my experiences with my own board of directors, talk about the differences between a mentor and a company sponsor, and share red flags and green lights to look for when discerning a mentor.
Then I jump into how to find a mentor – where to look, what to say, and how to cultivate a relationship.
If you’ve ever wondered how to develop mentorship relationships, this is the episode for you!

Two announcements:
1. Our very first bible study is looking for trial groups! It’s called the Work/Life Bible Study and it’s a six week study on what God says about work, integrating our faith and work lives, and challenging ourselves to grow bolder in our faith, work, and life. If you can gather a small group of 3-10 people for the study and start by mid-August, please email me at janekennedy@thesundaymonday.co or fill out the form in the link in our Instagram bio!

2. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss next week’s episode with Tolu Rosanwe! She’s an incredible pediatric resident at Harvard University Hospital, and her faith is so bold you’ll be left powered up to go out and live the life God calls you to live with courage!

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