Love That Surpasses Knowledge

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Bold in Faith, The SundayMonday Tuesday Archives

During this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I’ve found myself meditating on the love of God, which surpasses knowledge.

I think, as a society, we’re pretty focused on knowledge. And it’s rarely lacking. We can google anything we want, find answers in less than a second, and we always know what everyone is doing all the time thanks to social media. There’s very little that lacks an explanation or clarity.

But we’re told in scripture “to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” (Ephesians 3: 19). Where do we even start? How can we begin to comprehend something that St. Paul tells us will surpass our knowledge?

It’s in this mystery that we can grow in faith, that no matter how far we swim into the ocean of God’s mercy, we never reach the other side. His love consumes us, and the little glimpses we receive of it are nothing compared to the greatness of His love.

St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the most prolific doctors of the Church, is renowned for his writings on the mystery of our faith. He spent decades of his life writing and revealing the most intellectual and complex truths of our church. Yet, even after he opened up so much to the world, including the “Summa Theologica,” he received a vision of God’s love so profound that he then stated of his work, “all is straw,” compared to what had been revealed in that moment.

This story gives me peace – if one of the most brilliant and devout Catholics of all time found that even his intellect couldn’t capture the greatness of God, how can I expect to reach it?

Instead, taking a page out of St. Therese’s Little Way, I’ve committed to offering this simple prayer, as often as I can:

Lord, I give you permission to love me today. I give you permission to show me how you love me today.

It’s this permission that brings God the greatest joy. By opening my heart to him, by inviting him into my day, I can hope to receive those glimpses of his goodness.

If you’re seeking His love, I invite you to join me in this prayer. And then watch as he enters into your life in the most profound and personal ways.

In Christ,



What we’re loving lately (on the blog and beyond!)

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BRB crying over Olympic Trials Videos

I have no idea how I ended up down this rabbit hole, but over the past week I have been watching so many videos from the Olympic Diving US Team Trials. Many (okay, most) of these videos leave me in tears as I watch people’s dreams come true. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing someone work SO dang hard to achieve a dream, and then to see it happen. If you need a little heartwarming, I included one of my fave videos here (and the algorithm will quickly offer you many more of Olympic dreams coming true). Enjoy!

Sparkly weeks, sweaty weeks

Some weeks are glamorous, most are not – but in this reflection on a recent success in my professional life, I found deep connection between faith, life, and work (and we’re all about that here!) God loves and celebrates our successes, but He also sees and walks with us in the harder moments. You can read the whole reflection at the link above!

The SundayMonday Summer Book List is Up!

Hit the link above to see 20+ books recommended by our team and community to make your summer bold in faith, work, and life – whether you’re lounging by the pool or jet-setting on an adventure!

Liturgical Living with Gabriela R. A. Doyle

For The SundayMonday’s second year (!), we’re doing something a little different with Liturgical Living. We’ll be focusing on the Church’s given theme for the month in a deep dive, right here each week. Let us know what you think!

This week we’re taking a closer look at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, the saint whom God entrusted with the visions that started devotion to his Sacred Heart. She is a great example of being bold in faith, work, and life!

St. Margaret Mary joined the Order of Visitation nuns when she was 24 years old, but she didn’t quite fit in. She was clumsy and couldn’t meditate the way she was supposed to, but always kept a good attitude. After 3 years in the order, her visions started, but they were not accepted right away. Some of her own sisters were mean to her. Theologians asked to verify her visions refused to believe her and even suggested malnourishment might be the cause (source). I’m sure many of you reading this have unfortunately experienced being belittled at work, or suffered imposter syndrome after being entrusted with a great responsibility but lacked the confidence in yourself to carry it out. I can’t claim to know how St. Margaret Mary felt, but I imagine she—a misfit nun—might have experienced those emotions. But God still chose her.

Through her sacrifice, love, and commitment, the world learned of the infinite mercies of Jesus’ sacred heart, of His unending love for us and promise to be with us every step of the way. This week, hold your head up high and trust yourself like St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Your small acts of kindness can change the world someday.

Words of the Week

“You will never be happy if your happiness depends on getting solely what you want. Change the focus. Get a new center. Will what God wills, and your joy no man shall take from you.”

// Venerable Fulton Sheen

Intentions for This Week

For all those traveling. For those longing for a child. For a community member searching for a new role.

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Jane Kennedy

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