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The SundayMonday is ONE!

On June 1, 2020, the doors to The SundayMonday opened, and this crazy journey began. To say that this past year has been one of the most wild, fun, and unexpected years of my life is an understatement. Because of you all and this site, I’ve been challenged to lean into the intersection of faith, work, and life, in a new and deeper way. I’m a different person on the other end of this year, and it’s all because of you!

When we first launched the site, I had no idea where we were going or what the Lord wanted to do with this community. To see it flourish, grow, and change has been humbling, exciting, and incredibly joyful. Thank you for showing up, for being vulnerable, for sharing your own hearts and experiences, and for passing the word out to others. None of this would be possible without you – YOU, individually – and my daily prayers are full of gratitude for you.

That being said, with one year down, we are looking to the future! If there’s anything the SundayMonday can provide to help you in your walk to be bold in faith, work, and life, let us know! If there’s anything you loved this year and want to see more of, reply to this email and we’ll get on it! If you’re feeling inspired and want to join our writing team to share your story, we’d love to have you. We are in this together, and there’s no one I’d rather be in it with than you.

And as a final word here – if you’re feeling a call to do something kind of scary, kind of big, and kind of uncertain, do it. It’s in these moments where we say YES to God in courage and faith that He can stretch us beyond what we think we’re capable of. Don’t be afraid to step out in faith. Where He leads, He provides.

I love you all! Here’s to year 2!!

In Christ,


What we’re loving lately (on the blog and beyond!)

My New Madewell Jeans

For years I have walked into Madewell and longingly admired the gorgeous jeans on display. I typically try a couple of pairs on, feel sad that I don’t like how they look/fit/feel, and walk out dejectedly. But THIS WEEK, I walked back in, determined to finally find a high waisted pair of my dreams. The situation was progressing as usual, until one of the Madewell gals came over and asked to help me find the right size. Let me just say – who knew that asking for help would lead me to the jeans of my dreams?! Needless to say, I now have the cutest pair of new jeans and I’m obsessed. Apologies to all those who received photos of my cute new jeans this week, but I’m really that excited. Also, if you bring in an old pair of jeans, you get $20 off. Which I think is quite fun!

Bible in a Year Podcast, Episode 149 – All is Vanity

We’re still trucking along here people, and let me just say that this past Saturday’s podcast hit hard. In reflecting on Ecclesiastes 1-2, Fr. Mike talked about how truly fleeting our lives are here on earth. I mean, how many of us know the names of our great-grandparents? One day, people will forget us, how many Instagram likes/follows we had, how quickly we were promoted, how cute our clothes are (yes, I see it too ^). But life isn’t pointless!! The choices we make here will follow us to eternity. And thinking about that, “All is vanity,” really provides a beautiful perspective for how I’d like to live my life.

Weekend Trips

For me, this is the summer of weekend trips! I’m so excited to bounce all over the country visiting friends in their hometowns. I’m so grateful for the freedom of this season and for the ability to hop on a plane and visit good friends in their worlds! I used to think that there was no point in traveling unless I could stay a week, but I’m coming to really appreciate and love spending 48-72 hours in a place. If you’re not excited about your summer, pick a place you’ve been dying to visit and plan a quick trip! It will be worth it, I promise you.

Crash Landing On You

Listen, it took me four months of pestering to finally watch this, but I will admit when I’m wrong and I was wrong to procrastinate on what is probably the best thing on Netflix this year (and yes, I did watch “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 3”). If you’re looking for a sweet, twisty, romantic, and just plain delightful viewing, I could not recommend CLOY more. Thank you, Erica, for literally sitting me down and putting this in front of me. YTB!!

Walking with Mary Through May with Gabriela R.A. Doyle

This May, in honor of our Blessed Mother, we’re sharing weekly reflections by our very own Gabriela R.A. Doyle on the life of Mary! Enjoy!

As soon as Joseph left for work that morning, Mary hustled into action. She wrapped Jesus close to her chest and pulled her veil around her face. Joseph couldn’t know she was out at the market that morning. She’d been squirreling away money for weeks, making meals that required one or two fewer ingredients so her husband wouldn’t notice the few coins she spared from their grocery allowance. Walking proudly to the stand, she gave the merchant a knowing look. He blinked, honestly surprised she’d come up with the money. It was an expensive saw, but she’d seen her husband eyeing it for awhile now. She hid the tool in her cloak on her way home and then set about preparing Joseph’s favorite dish. Some lilies were growing near their house and Jesus reached for them, so she set him down and plucked a few. They’d look nice on the table next to Joseph’s birthday gift, she thought.

Smiling down from heaven, Mary laughed at the icon of her husband with both saw and lily in hand. Some traditions never fade.

Words of the Week

“Hold your eyes on God and leave the doing to Him. That is all the doing you have to worry about.”

// St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Intentions for This Week

For those who fought valiantly for our country and paid the price with their lives.




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Jane Kennedy

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