Words are powerful.


Words can build up and tear down. They have the power to wound and to heal. Words can break and words can reconcile.

I spent this weekend Austin with wonderful people, exploring the city, splashing in the lakes, and two-stepping until dawn. I made new friends, and spent valuable time with sweet friends from California and DC. It was a good weekend, and throughout it, I was reminded of the power of words.

This weekend, I felt reminded of my true identity. I felt seen, known, and deeply loved. The simplest of words from friends healed me in ways I never imagined:

“Wow, you are so much fun.”

“I had no idea how strong you were.”

“I miss spending time with you, our conversations make me feel so loved.”

These words hit my heart in a way I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t know that I needed them. I didn’t know that my heart so deeply craved the affirmation that I am good, I am loved, and even that I am fun! It’s way too easy to forget our identity. But it made me think: if I give the kind words of others power over me, won’t I also be giving the harsh words power as well?

Words from people are good, but words from God are steadfast, true, and constant.

So here are some words for you:

YOU are captivating.

YOU are beloved.

YOU are capable and worthy of good, generous love.

YOU are unique and special and wonderfully made.

I invite you to sit in prayer this week and ask the Lord, “Who do You say that I am?” Write down those words. Then, put them up on your mirror, make them your phone background, write them in your planner, set a recurring event – whatever it takes to remind yourself of who God has called you to be. Receive His healing words. And then, go out and heal others with yours.

“Gracious words are honey, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

In Christ,


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Community is hard – and we all need it. In this post, I shared some encouragement for anyone seeking out community. No matter where you are, your situation, or who you know, you have gifts to find and cultivate community. God is with you!


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Liturgical Living with Gabriela R. A. Doyle

It’s time for our #MonthlyMiracle! In this section, I’ll try to share a miracle related to the Church’s focus for that month.

Have you ever struggled to believe that the Eucharist is the true body and blood of Christ? If so, you’re not alone. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 69% of US Catholics believe the Eucharist is a symbol, and 22% reject the idea of transubstantiation, despite knowing the Church’s teaching. And I get it, it’s a hard thing to wrap your head around.

The thing is, you don’t have to understand something to believe in it. We’re only human, after all. Just like every Hallmark Christmas movie ever, seeing is not believing…unless you want to talk about Eucharistic miracles, that is!

Let me set the scene: it’s Lanciano, Italy in the 8th century AD. A priest who is also struggling to believe in transubstantiation goes through the motions at Mass. But when he consecrates the Host, he is shocked to find the Sacred Heart of Jesus has appeared before him, here in flesh and blood. This miracle underwent significant scientific testing, only to confirm that it is true cardiac tissue with a blood type AB, the same as in other Eucharistic miracles before. You can read more about Eucharistic miracles here. But if you find yourself zoning out at Mass, remember that God is physically present with you, all the time but especially in Communion. Tune in next week to hear about our favorite way to increase devotion to the Sacred Heart!

Words of the Week

“The most deadly poison of our times is indifference. And this happens, although the praise of God should know no limits. Let us strive, therefore, to praise him to the greatest extent of our powers.”

// Maximilian Kolbe

Intentions for This Week

For a community member experiencing many life transitions. For our fathers – on earth and in heaven. For all those expecting babies this year, and those longing for children.

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Jane Kennedy
Jane Kennedy

Jane was born in Australia, raised in California, and is overjoyed to now call NYC home. She graduated from UCSB with degrees in Political Science and Communication and spent the past two years working in criminal justice reform. She is currently an MBA student at NYU Stern, focusing on entrepreneurship and strategy.

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