Releasing Our Idols

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 A few months ago, my friend Bridget shared something so profound on an episode of the podcast. She said “sin is a distortion of a longing for a good thing.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot, especially lately.

A good longing to be seen can so easily be distorted into a craving for attention, Instagram likes, and lots of weekend plans. A good longing to be known can lead us to share deep and intimate details about ourselves with people who haven’t yet earned the right to hear them. A good longing for love can lead us to seek out lesser loves than what God offers us.

I think we fall so quickly to these false idols because our real longing – a heavenly one – feels out of reach. It’s much quicker to post an Instagram story and watch the view count climb than spend an hour in silent prayer and let God really see us. It’s simpler to gossip about ourselves or others for the affirmation and attention of the people around us than to bring those judgments and insecurities to prayer. It’s easier to put on a flirty outfit and go out for the night than open our hearts to Him.

We’re scared. We’re scared that the response of the Father won’t meet our longing for intimacy. We’re afraid of rejection and loneliness and being seen and cast aside. When we bring those fears to light, it’s easy to understand why we run to false idols. They feel secure, but in reality “they did not exist at the beginning, they will not exist for ever; human vanity brought them into the world, and a quick end is therefore reserved for them.” (Wisdom 14:13-14).

What are you longing for? What do you desire? Most importantly, how are you seeking to fulfill these desires? The Father waits with open arms. He wants all of us – every part of us – so that no part of our hearts can cling to our false idols. I invite you to reflect with me on this this week – and maybe even join me in taking some steps to separate our hearts from these slippery and disappointing masters.

In Christ,


Liturgical Living with Gabriela R. A. Doyle

It’s time for our #MonthlyMiracle! This month I found two and couldn’t decide. The first miracle centers around 8 priests that survived the atomic blast in Hiroshima, Japan. Despite living within a one mile radius of the drop, they lived. Moreover, they did not suffer radiation poisoning or any detrimental side effects. In fact, they all lived for quite some time afterwards. One priest said he was questioned over 200 times about how he survived, but his only answer was “we believe that we survived because we were living the message of Fatima. We lived and prayed the rosary daily in that home.”

The second miracle saved two men from the same family in two different wars. When the rosary that Private Glenn Hockton wore fell from his neck and he bent to pick it up, he realized he was standing on a land mine in Afghanistan. Without this occurrence, he would not have known to stand still until his fellow soldiers could defuse it. Glenn’s great grandfather, Joseph Sunny Truman, also missed a bomb blast while he was at war because he moved to pick up a rosary he saw on the ground. Our Lady is always looking out for us!

Intentions for This Week

For those who are sick, and for their speedy healing. For a friend looking for a job. For a special intention.

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