New Year, Same God

by | Jan 3, 2022 | The SundayMonday Tuesday Archives

Happy New Year friends! We are back to our regularly scheduled programming over here, and I’m delighted to have you.

It’s a brand new year, which is such an exciting time. New goals, new dreams, continuing to write “2021” at the top of my journal pages… there’s nothing like a new planner and a clean slate. But in a rush to set out on our goals (I’ll share some of mine below!) let us not forget that every single day we are offered the opportunity to start again, to confess, and to ask for new grace to say yes to Christ.

I like to set personal, faith, and career goals, and wanted to share some of mine here!

  1. Personal: Read more. I have a couple of “great books” on my list, but I’m working on easing myself back into this favorite pastime of mine, with a goal of reading 30 books this year. The biggest one currently on my list: Anna Karenina. If anyone wants to join me in a little book club for accountability, just reply to this email and let me know!

  1. Spiritual: Daily reflections and finish Bible in a Year. I’m planning to reflect on these 365 days of Padre Pio’s wisdom – you can grab a copy of the book, or download the free app and join me here! I’m also perpetually stuck on Day 267 of Bible in a Year with Father Mike Schmitz, and would like to finish that sometime in 2022… so if you’re running behind, let’s do it together! And major kudos to all of you who made it through already!

  1. Career: Interview for and gain an internship for the summer! This one is literally happening next week so please pray for me! It’s been four months of grinding out these interview prep sessions and I’m excited and nervous and ready to get it over with.

What are your goals for the year? I LOVE to hear them! Reply below and let me know 🙂

In Christ,


What we’re loving lately

A New Home for Christmas by Renee Reneau

After unexpected news forced Renee and her husband to search for a home to find with little time to spare, she began to reflect on the ways Jesus has been present in surprising ways to her in this first year of marriage. It’s a stunning reflection to kick off the year!

Surrendering the Past and Future to Jesus’ Lordship and Dominion

Fr. Mike Schmitz does it again! This video is golden. Highly recommend!

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