The Magnanimity* of Christ (*definition of magnanimity inside)

by | Jan 25, 2022 | The SundayMonday Tuesday Archives

One of the coolest virtues is magnanimity – literally translated, it means “bigness of soul.”

Whereas pride is using our gifts to glorify ourselves, Magnanimity is using our gifts to glorify God. It’s taking our strengths and passions and interests and offering them up to the Lord, saying “Jesus, I give this back to You. Do with it as You will.”

Magnanimity is hard to pronounce, but simple to strive for. Take an inventory of the gifts you have, and ask yourself, “How can I pour this out on others?” Maybe you’re an incredible cook – invite new friends over for dinner. Maybe you have a stunning voice – join the church choir. Maybe you love to write – email us and join our writing team ?. Seriously, when we use our gifts to uplift those around us, not only do we experience great joy but we’re also glorifying God with the talents He has given us!

So how can you practice magnanimity this week? What steps can you take to step out of yourself and into being who God calls you to be. Be brave!!

Always in your corner,


What we’re loving lately

Emily Wilson’s YouTube Channel

I’m sure many, many of you have run to Emily’s channel for reminders on embracing your worth and value in dating. I, for one, send them to friends all the time. Wherever you are in your Vocation journey, I cannot recommend her short videos enough. She speaks the truth with so much love (and also directness) in a way that is so necessary for our culture today!

Touristing in my own town

Being back in NYC over the past couple of weeks has been a dream. I’ve been taking so many long walks around the city, marveling at the sunsets, the skyline, the parks, and the people. Sometimes it’s easy to settle into a routine and we lose the joy of where we live, so take some time this week to wander around your own home and enjoy the beauty!

Making Decisions with the Holy Spirit

This has been a BIG week of decisions over here, and I was reminded of this phenomenal early episode featuring the inimitable Elli Schmidt! If you’re in a season of discernment or decisions, I highly recommend you give episode 6 a listen.

Prayer Requests

  • For a friend struggling with work
  • For safe travels this week and my class’ trip to Breckinridge
  • For a special intention




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