Episode 47| Moving from Kentucky to NYC, Making Big Decisions, and a Heart to Heart with Katie Mittel

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Podcast

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I’m SO excited to introduce you to my dear friend Katie on this week’s podcast! Katie and I became friends this past fall after moving to NYC around the same time, and she’s been one of the greatest gifts the big apple has offered me! Katie is wise, generous, funny, and so smart, and her story of discerning God’s call on her life and her courage to move to NYC is pretty amazing. 

I’m so sorry for the whistling of the radiator (especially at the beginning of the episode) but I promise it eventually subsides AND it’s an effort to make this a truly authentic NYC experience 😉 

Resources referenced within:

God’s Voice Within – a superb book about wise discernment

The Defining Decade – a must-read for anyone in their 20s!

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