Our Most Controversial Episode Yet

by | Feb 15, 2022 | The SundayMonday Tuesday Archives

Hey friends! Buckle up because this week’s newsletter is going to get real.

This weekend’s first reading convicted my heart so deeply – how often do I turn to human counsel, the internet, podcasts, and Instagram before I turn to the Lord? Am I spending the same amount of time looking at these resources as I am in personal relationship with Jesus? Am I kneeling before the Lord and bringing Him my questions and worries, or do I run to the comfort of my friends and the quick response they promise instead of sitting in silence?

Because here’s the truth: The SundayMonday is not God. This newsletter and our podcasts are not a replacement (or even close to an equivalent) for time with Him. And I’m saying this from personal experience: I am so quick to jump online for answers, to listen to podcast after podcast, to scroll through Instagram seeking the peace that only Christ promises and can provide.

This week, I encourage you to carve out time to spend in communion with Him. To lean on prayer as much as you lean on your friends. To prioritize this time with Him before jumping online. He thirsts for us, and He is always waiting with open arms and an open heart. We need only give Him permission to love us.

In Christ,


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Jane was born in Australia, raised in California, and is overjoyed to now call NYC home. She graduated from UCSB with degrees in Political Science and Communication and spent the past two years working in criminal justice reform. She is currently an MBA student at NYU Stern, focusing on entrepreneurship and strategy.

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