Episode 53| Five Questions for More Fulfilling Work

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Bold in Work, Podcast

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What’s the purpose of work? How do I find a job/company/role that fulfills me? Is it realistic for work to be meaningful? How much can I really expect from my job?

Questions around “meaningful work” are by far the most popular we get in our DMs and emails, so today I’m sharing the five questions I use to reflect on where I am in my work life. These questions are designed to help us discern where and how God is calling us to work in our current season! I try to reflect on them at least twice a year. 

Our lives are meant to be intentional, and we’re all about helping one another be bold in our faith, work, and lives.

The five questions:

  1. Do I have a vision of where this role is taking me?
  2. Is there something else that God is calling me to right now?
  3. Am I being realistic about my state in the workforce or am I being idealistic?
  4. How is this job affecting my mental, spiritual, and physical health?
  5. Do I have fair expectations for what work is and the place it has in my life?


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