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by | May 17, 2022 | The SundayMonday Tuesday Archives

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

As you read this, I’ll be landing in Dublin, Ireland to spend a week with one of my best friends who is living there for med school! From there, I’m heading to Milan for a week for a class on the “business of fashion,” and then to Venice and Rome as a tourist. It’s been a crazy past few weeks – launching the book, finishing out my first year of business school (!!!) and preparing for this trip. I’m beyond ready to explore Europe and enjoy a few weeks of rest before starting my internship in mid-June.

Something I’ve been praying about this week is the idea of giving out of gift. The Lord offers us so much – grace, patience, love, wisdom, joy, generosity – and when we receive these things, we’re far better able to give to others. I have a tendency to give and give and give. To pour out until I’m wiped out. And this leads to a pattern of burnout – racing fast, working hard, and then basically collapsing. We cannot give or lead or serve when we’re exhausted.

Rather, when we make time to receive the Lord’s love, to open our hands and hearts and minds to the ways that He wants to love us, we’re so much better equipped to love others. It is in receiving this love, this perfect gift, that we can more fully and more freely pour out love to others.

This week, I invite you to pause and make time for the Lord to love you. Instead of rushing to the next thing, carve out time to ask the Lord how He is loving you right now. How is He present in this season – no matter how busy or full or sad or joyful it might be. Pray my favorite prayer:

Lord, I give you permission to love me. I give you permission to show me how you love me.

It is only through receiving this love that we can love others.

As always, we’re in this together!

God Bless,


What we’re loving lately

The book sold out?!?!

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe the response to launching our first book last week!! We sold out of physical copies in one day. Insanity! Thank you to everyone who purchased books! If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can buy a copy for yourself (or anyone you love in your life) here! Be sure to tag me in any photos, I can’t wait to see where you all are reading it!

Broadway Lotteries

On Saturday, I got to see Phantom of the Opera in the front row for $40! Broadway lotteries are a hidden gem and I have had great luck over the past few months. If you’re in NYC (or planning a trip here!) shoot me an email and I’ll send you my list of lottery links. It’s the best way to get (usually pretty good) seats and for a serious discount.

Prayer Requests

  • For a few friends who are newly pregnant!
  • For all those hoping to conceive.
  • You! If you have prayer requests you’d like me to take to Rome, reply below 🙂

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Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy

Jane was born in Australia, raised in California, and is overjoyed to now call NYC home. She graduated from UCSB with degrees in Political Science and Communication and spent the past two years working in criminal justice reform. She is currently an MBA student at NYU Stern, focusing on entrepreneurship and strategy.

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