What does it mean to “sanctify our work?” And our first bible study is HERE!

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If you’ve hung out in Catholic circles long enough, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “sanctify your work.” It’s the phrase at the heart of The SundayMonday – where we’re striving to live our faith at work, with joy and boldness. But what does it really mean? That’s the topic of this week’s podcast and newsletter.

To sanctify our work means to make it holy. Something becomes holy when we invite the Lord into it – therefore, by inviting the Lord into our work, we are sanctifying it. No matter our work, whether in the corporate arena, the home, the mission field, or at school, we are invited to make it holy. Sanctifying our work means doing the little things (the annoying tasks, the frustrating meetings, the emails, the powerpoints) with love, with excellence, and with joy. It means being patient when we’d rather be right, being diligent when we’d rather slack off, being present when we’d rather be scrolling Instagram.

When we invite the Lord into our work, we are inviting His peace, His joy, and His presence. Long days become bearable, even enjoyable, when we remember that we are working for God and not only for our boss or our company or our CEO. When our work is done to glorify God, it takes on a heavenly mission. I know that the powerpoint I submit to God would often be far more meticulous than one I’d just send over to my boss, so when I take on this mindset, I know that my work becomes more excellent. And in producing excellent work, in being a kind and considerate colleague, in showing up on time and doing what is asked of me (and often more), I am growing in virtue, skill, and professionalism. My work and my character draw others to know the source of my joy: Jesus.

Sanctifying our work can seem like a big and scary idea, but it’s quite simple. Pray for your work. Invite the saints into your workday. Offer up hard moments for the intentions of those you love. For more ideas on how to sanctify your work, tune into this week’s podcast.

AND if you just can’t get enough, I invite you to check out our brand new bible study, The Work/Life Bible Study! It’s a six-week deep dive into what God says about work, including how to steward our gifts and talents to be all that He has created us to be! Grab some friends or dive in for a solo study. For the next week, it’s 50% off using code WORKLIFE.

I’m in it with you, with just under a month left of my internship. I feel like being back at work has reignited my love for The SundayMonday, and my need for this community and the encouragement you all give me. Work is hard, y’all! But we’re in it together, and there’s no team I’d rather have than you all. Have a great week!

In Christ,


What we’re loving lately

Podcast Episode 59: What does it mean to “sanctify your work?” | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

We are called to pursue holiness in the here and now, and for many of us, the here and now includes a whole lot of work. Whether you’re in the corporate world, a student, raising kids, or working for the church, we all need a little encouragement to truly work for God and not for man. In this episode, I’ll explore the true meaning of sanctifying our work and share five super tactical ways that we can all grow in holiness together, no matter the work God is calling us to today.

The Work/Life Bible Study is Here!

I’m so excited to announce that our very first bible study is here! We live in a culture filled with burnout, discontent, competition, disappointment and exhaustion, and it is more important than ever to understand God’s design for work. During this six week study, we’ll explore what God says about work (hint: He says a lot!), as well as learn how to steward our gifts and talents and be who God meant us to be in the workplace and beyond! Grab some friends, or dive in yourself. PS – use code WORKLIFE for 50% off during this first week!

Prayer Requests

  • For a friend who is moving
  • For a few friends who are pregnant!!
  • For all those in hospice and close to death

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