Is It Time to Quit?

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Hello my friends! I feel like I start every single one of these newsletters with “it’s been a minute!” but I’m trying hard to give myself some grace in this season of life. The truth is, it’s completely crazy. I’m still in school full time, and I’ve taken on a leadership role in the consulting club as well. The next few months are packed with travel and midterms and a marathon and I’m honestly feeling the strain. Please bear with me (and pray for me!) as I juggle these gifts and also discern where I should be leaning in and leaning out!

This past week I’ve been thinking about what it means to live with “open hands.” I love the idea of being open to what God wants to place in my hands, the gifts He wants to give me, the projects He wants to share. It’s exciting and invigorating and fun to watch opportunities appear, to see Him work so generously in His Will. But having open hands also means that I have to allow Him to take things back, to strip down what’s “mine” and to allow Him to redirect where I’ve gone too far ahead on my own. And that’s a major challenge for me.

I don’t like quitting or paring down. But I’m just exhausted. My to-do list stretches from here to Miami. I have so many outstanding emails and texts and projects, and quite frankly, my open hands have clenched down all of them. I want to go sit in a quiet retreat center and sleep for four days (and I’m actually going to go do that over Thanksgiving weekend praise Jesus!).

If you’re in it with me, the question is this: where do we start? If we feel called to let some things go, how do we decide which ones and also how to go about letting them go? Here’s my process, and I’d love to hear from you about yours:

  • Where are you facing the most resistance?

o    When God calls us to something, He equips us to do it. He never calls us to something beyond our capacity, and if it’s beyond our giftings and talents, He provides the grace and resources to make it happen. You know that thing that makes you feel like you’re running into a brick wall over and over again? That could be a sign that it’s not what God needs from you right now. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes we face resistance from the Enemy when we’re doing God’s will – but that resistance is also accompanied by God’s peace and continued guidance to get us over the wall. Which kind of resistance are you facing, and is there peace in the fight?

  • How does the task make you feel?

o    We all know the fruits of the Spirit, and I use them often to guide my actions and decisions. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are present when the work we’re doing is aligned with God’s will. If the task or project is leaving you depleted, angry, resentful, frustrated, or overwhelmed, there’s a fair chance that it’s not where God needs you right now.

  • What do your trusted advisors say?

o    There are a few things in my life right now that if I bring them up to my closest advisors, they’ll all (every single one of them) sigh loudly or just look at me pointedly. They’ve been here through the whole thing, and many of them have told me to let these fights go. When the people you love and trust are advising you to let something go, it’s a good sign that it might not be the right thing for you right now.

  • Is this a good thing at the wrong time? Or a wrong thing at a good time?

o    Oooh boy here’s the kicker: most opportunities and projects are good things. If they weren’t good, we would have said no! But even the best opportunity at the wrong time is still the wrong opportunity. It’s the same when it comes to looking for something because it’s the “right time” – that doesn’t give us freedom to take whatever opportunity shows up at our doorstep just because we’re bored and want a new challenge. Timing matters. If it’s a good thing, trust that the Lord will bring it back at the right time. And if you’re waiting on something, trust that the Lord is rarely early and never late.

What do you consider when weighing opportunities or places you need to make a shift? Let me know by replying below!

In Christ,


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Jane Kennedy

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