Worry, Peace, and Finding Joyful Moments

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Bold in Faith, Bold in Life, The SundayMonday Tuesday Archives

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday. Let’s talk a little bit about worry.

There is no emotion more exhausting, fruitless, or frustrating. I hate worrying – but I find myself worrying all the time. Worry takes me out of the present and into the future. 95% of the things I worry about never come to fruition: so why do I do this?

It comes down to control. As humans, living in a broken and messy world, we crave control. We want to know exactly what is going to happen and when. We love the feeling of “knowing” – even though it’s usually just a farce. Worry is our way of leaping into the future and trying to hold onto all of the pieces. It forces us to live uncertain realities again and again in our minds. So if we know it’s so insidious, what can we do to just stop it?

What’s been working for me lately is the following:

  1. Admit the worrying. Tell a close confidante what is going on, and share where your mind is going.
  2. Run to the Lord. Share your heart with Him, especially all of your fears. Let Him meet you in the worry and let Him comfort you.
  3. Ask the Lord to love you. Pray one of my favorite prayers: Lord, I give you permission to love me today. Please show me how you love me.
  4. Seek out joyful moments. The best way to distract ourselves from worry is to find joyful moments in our daily lives: go for a run, call a friend, take a long walk with some coffee, read an old favorite book. When we laugh and delight in a joyful moment, our hearts are brought back to the present moment and we can experience the peace, gratitude, and joy of being with the Lord here and now.

Ultimately, worry is a symptom of a lack of trust in God. Do we really believe that God loves us, that He wants His best for us, and that His will is the very best for us, because He knows and loves us so deeply? If we trust Him, then there’s no need for worry, because we can completely hand over our fears and doubts to Him, and rest.

Do you have any antidotes for worry? Please reply and let me know! I’d love to share them.

In Christ,


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Prayer Requests

  • My marathon is on Sunday! Please pray for a fun, healthy race for all the runners and safe travels for my mom and friends who are coming in to cheer me on!
  • For a few special intentions
  • For a friend who is pregnant!

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Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy

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