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When I worked in an open office, my most prized possessions were my airpods. Unless they were firmly in my ears, I could count on at least a few interruptions from passers-by and colleagues every hour. While I understand that the whole point of an open office is to foster engagement and collaboration, I was desperate for quiet, focused time to get my work done; ergo, the airpods.

Today, life feels a bit like an open office plan. Between texts, calls, emails, slacks, Google messenger, and even the old-fashioned running into someone on the street, we’re constantly exposed to distractions. It makes it hard to be present, to stay focused, and to get things done. Most of the time, I greet interruptions with frustration and annoyance. But what if interruptions could be perceived as something more?

I’m currently devouring Fr. Jacques Philippe’s Interior Freedom, and in it he shares the following story about St. Therese of Lisieux:

When she finally found an hour or two to devote to the job, she applied herself in the following spirit: “I choose to be interrupted.” If a good Sister then came by to ask her for some little service, instead of coldly sending her away Thérèse made the effort to accept the interruption with good grace. And if nobody interrupted her, she considered that a charming present from her loving God and was very grateful to him. Whatever happened she passed the day peacefully and was never upset. In everything she could do her will, because her will was to accept everything.
Fr. Jacques Philippe, Interior Freedom

It reminds me of a reflection I read a few years ago on the Holy Family. Mary’s entire life was “interrupted” by God’s call – so was Joseph’s. They could not have foreseen or predicted what was in store for them. Yet, they responded to the interruption with hope, peace, and faith. They gave their best to the situation in front of them, trusting that the interruption was for their greatest good.

My challenge to us all this week: let’s embrace interruptions. Let’s receive them with joy and grace, and trust that if God is calling us to something, He’ll give us all the patience, grace, and time necessary to accomplish it. In this acceptance of God’s interruptions, may we find greater charity for one another and a deep sense of joy in our daily lives.

Have you experienced a great interruption? Reply to this email and share your story!

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What I’m loving right now:

Fr. Mike’s “Homeless” Series

I’ve rediscovered Fr. Mike’s weekly homilies and wow… they’re always exactly what I need to hear. I especially loved this week’s reflection on perspective. You can hear it here on iTunes or here on Spotify!

Creating art

At the encouragement of a friend, I’ve started spending time drawing and painting. I’m not good (at all), but it’s been a fun outlet for me to just relax and enjoy holy leisure. I recommend paint by numbers, or buy a few canvases and just doodle away!

Register at your parish!!!

This past weekend I (finally) registered at a parish in New York City. I’ve been here for almost two years!! I know that it takes a while to find a spiritual home, but I can’t recommend finding a parish you love and planting roots more. I attended the young adult retreat this past Saturday and met so many lovely people. I’m excited to invest even more in the community and continue to grow in holiness alongside so many wonderful people!

Prayer Requests

  • For those experiencing anxiety and insomnia
  • For all those starting back at school
  • For everyone waiting on decisions from undergraduate and graduate programs
  • For holy interruptions

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Jane Kennedy

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