He Is Doing a New Thing

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How does God want to surprise you this Christmas?

When I think of Christmas, I think of traditions. For my family, these include reading Twas Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, hosting a caroling party, attending Christmas Eve mass, and having to pause on opening presents until after breakfast (which is as frustrating now as it was when I was 8).

Traditions are beautiful; they create a sense of home, safety, and continuity. It’s special to do and see the same things every year, as we grow older, and as I’ve moved away from California and gotten to come back to similar experiences each Christmas.

But just because we have traditions doesn’t mean that every year is the same. God is always moving, He’s always doing a new thing. Maybe this Christmas is going to look different for you. Maybe you’re experiencing a longing or suffering that is weighing heavy on you this season. Maybe you’ve experienced a loss this year, a loss that is felt more acutely in the holiday.

Traditions stay the same, but we change. We are coming into this Christmas differently than we entered last Christmas. So much can happen in a year! And so much can happen in these next six days. Let’s live in that expectant hope.

This year, my prayer is that God might have the space to do a new thing, no matter the traditions, expectations, or plans we might have. No matter how you are entering into this Christmas season, I pray that you might experience God’s deep and abiding love for you, trust in His good plans for you, and delight in the gift of being His beloved daughter.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Isaiah 43:19

In Christ,


What we’re loving lately:

The Chosen Season Four Trailer

  • Woah. It’s going to be so good. My favorite part is at 2:12 because… Mary 🥹

My favorite things this year!

Looking for quick and awesome Christmas gifts you can get in time to get under the tree? Here are some of my favorites:

  • Kindle ($99). I became a Kindle convert two years ago and never looked back. I especially love reading spiritual books because I get to highlight and underline them and can pick them up anytime/anywhere since they’re always on my kindle!

  • Skincare: This ice roller ($18.99), this hyaluronic acid serum ($8.90), and this moisturizer ($13.50) totally transformed my skin this year. I have gifted them to so many people, and everyone has gone back to purchase more once they ran out! You can get these at Sephora.

  • Clothes. I swear by these Reebok sneakers (~$50), they’re affordable and I get a new pair every 6 months-ish since I’m a big walker. These hot girl flare jeans from Madewell ($70, everything is 40% off!) (inspired by Rachel McAdams in Are You There God, it’s Me Margaret movie). My Kate Middleton holiday jacket gets a zillion compliments ($100 on sale). Also, this cutie pearl sweater has strangers coming up to me and being blown away it’s from Abercrombie ($41). Also, love these Litany scarves ($40).

  • Gifties. Go into an Anthropologie and throw a rock and whatever it hits, you (and the people you love) will love it. (Don’t throw a rock, it would be sad if you broke one of their perfect candles or retro vases).

John Crist Interview

  • I am such a fan of John Crist, and after his very public scandal a couple of years ago, I was so sad. This interview with a pastor in which he talks about his relationship with God, the freedom of having everyone know his struggles, and his resilience was so impactful to hear for me. I recommend it as a listen or watch!

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Prayer requests

  • For the SundayMonday community
  • For all those traveling this week

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