Did you know that most hiring managers look at a resume for just seven seconds before moving a candidate forward or taking them out of the running? 

Let’s make those seven seconds count.

The SundayMonday Resume Guide and Template is designed to make the resume building process as seamless and painless as possible! Use the guide to plot out your resume strategy, reflect on your past experiences in the Master Resume tool, and finally plug in your gorgeous, strategic new bullets into a simple to use, easy to edit template! You’ll be done in no time.

First impressions matter, and with this classy and clear resume template, you’re saying, “I’m here, I’m ready, and you definitely want to learn more about me.” What are you waiting for? Be bold and take the next step in your career journey today!

This resume guide and template includes everything you need to create a job-magnet resume in a jif! Included is:

(1) a Master Resume Template

(2) a Professional One-Page Resume Template

(3) A Resume Writing Guide, and

(4) a sample resume


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