Now What?! is a guidebook for young, Catholic, professional women, designed to help you make that transition with grace, ease, and joy. It’s an invitation to be the person God created you to be – in the workplace and beyond. It takes courage, conviction and community to live our faith boldly in the world, and this book is here to equip and empower you to make it happen.

Whether you’re just graduating college or well into your career, this book offers personal stories, actionable step-by-step guides, and thoughtful reflections to provide encouragement to the next generation of leaders. With 31 chapters in three sections (Faith, Work, and Life), you’ll find inspiration and direction to tackle whatever challenges arise.

Chapters include:

– The Sanctifying Business of Work

– Can I quit?

– Making friends as an adult

– How to Start a Small Group

– What am I doing with my Life?

Our desire is that this book eases the transition and helps you to embrace the call to glorify God in your work. Let’s get started!

We live in a culture filled with burnout, discontent, competition, disappointment and exhaustion, and it is more important than ever to understand God’s design for work.

During this six week study, we’ll explore what God says about work (hint: He says a lot!), as well as learn how to steward our gifts and talents and be who God meant us to be in the workplace and beyond! Grab some friends, or dive in yourself.

Together, let’s be bold in our faith, work, and life.

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