Liturgical Living – June 2020

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Week of May 31 – June 6

Welcome to our weekly installment of Liturgical Living! It can be so easy to only focus on Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter. As we prepare to move into Ordinary Time, let’s not forget all the beautiful celebrations and reminders of our faith that wait to greet us with fresh mercy each and every “normal” day. Below, find a few simple tips specially geared to this week:

  • The month of June is especially devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Ask Jesus to more closely align your heart and his by quietly contemplating the sorrows and joys of Christ’s life in the Litany of the Sacred Heart. Imagine yourself resting on Jesus’ chest, hearing his heartbeat, awash with peace. 

  • Think only May is for Mary? Think again! June 1 is the feast of Mary, Mother of the Church. Take some flowers to the Blessed Mother in your local church or say the rosary (or even just a decade!) to ask her to help you love Jesus and his Church like she did. 

  • Begin the Novena to St. Anthony on June 4. As the patron saint of lost things and lost souls, ask St. Anthony to shepherd you towards greater holiness and to hold you like he holds the baby Jesus in many works of art. Ask for his intercession with whatever you’ve lost recently–St. Anthony never fails: “St. Anthony, St. Anthony, look around, something’s lost that can’t be found.” 


Week of June 7 – June 13


Welcome to our weekly installment of Liturgical Living! Below, find a few simple tips to help you live your faith year-round and celebrate the little things: 

  • June 7 is Trinity Sunday, the first Sunday after Pentecost. Today, slow down when you say the Sign of the Cross. Too often we rush through what is a sacred prayer in its own right. Say the “Glory Be,” venture outside to look for a three-leaf clover, and treat yourself to three scoops of ice cream after dinner.

  • Finish the Novena to St. Anthony on his feast day, June 13. This great saint is also known for his gifted ability to preach. Pick up a book today or put a little extra effort into a project for school if you’re still studying. Have fish or seafood for dinner in honor of the time when St. Anthony preached to fish because heretics wouldn’t listen to him!

  • Tend to something green for Ordinary Time. Ordinary time doesn’t have to be boring! Buy a small basil plant from your local grocery store or just take a walk outside and enjoy nature. Spend some quiet time in prayer with God the Father and thank Him for his beautiful creations. 


Week of June 14 – June 20


Welcome to our weekly installment of Liturgical Living! Below, find a few simple tips to help you live your faith year-round and celebrate the little things: 

  • June 14 is the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Go to Mass if you can to receive the Eucharist, or just spend some time with Jesus in Adoration (hint: you can visit him virtually here). 

  • If you’re having trouble understanding how Jesus is truly present masked behind bread and wine, invite him into your doubts and ask Him to grant you greater faith. Consider the story of Peter of Prague, a German priest who was giving Mass but also struggling to believe–until the host began to bleed. To learn more, search for the Miracle of Bolsena.

  • Two novena options this week: if you’d like to learn more about St. Josemaria Escriva, begin his novena on June 17. If you want to delve deeper into devotion for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, start that novena on June 19. 

  • June 20 is the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pray the rosary and especially focus on the fifth Glorious Mystery, Mary’s Coronation. The fruit of this mystery is trust in Mary’s intercession. Ask her to bring you closer to Jesus through her Immaculate Heart. Consider that St. Augustine said Mary wasn’t passive at the foot of the Cross; she “cooperated through charity.” Do a nice thing without being asked and without seeking recognition for your roommate, significant other, family member, or friend.


Week of June 21 – June 27


Welcome to our weekly installment of Liturgical Living! Below, find a few simple tips to help you live your faith year-round and celebrate the little things: 

  • June 24 is the Solemnity of the birth of St. John the Baptist. Renew your baptismal vows in his honor and maybe purchase a small holy water font for near your front door. 

  • June 26 is the Feast Day of St. Josemaria Escriva, a remarkably down-to-earth saint renowned for his teachings and writings. Follow his example and try a little harder at work today: “Add a supernatural motive to your ordinary professional work, and you will have sanctified it.” Pick up a copy of The Way from your local library or add it to your Amazon wishlist.

  • June 27 is the feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Call your mother (pray the rosary) or just ask Mary for help with whatever you need. 

Week of June 28 – July 4


Welcome to our weekly installment of Liturgical Living! Below, find a few simple tips to help you live your faith year-round and celebrate the little things: 

  • June 29 is the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. St. Peter was the rock on which Jesus built the Church, the first Pope. To honor him, ask God to be your rock today and pray for Pope Francis’ intentions. To honor St. Paul, read his writings in Scripture. We so often hear his epistles as the second reading at Mass. They’re great, but instead of your usual “St. Paul to the Corinthians,” try something new. We suggest reading the call of St. Peter (Luke 5:1-11) or the call of St. Paul (Acts 9:1-31).

  • June 30 is the Feast of the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome. Franciscan Media says that, “The blood of martyrs has always been, and always will be, the seed of Christians.” Plant some flowers today. Then read this amazing blog post about two early martyrs, Sts. Felicity and Perpetua, who died in a Roman amphitheatre facing a savage cow–but made sure their hair was tied up nicely, “lest she should seem to grieve in her glory.”

  • July 3 is the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. This great man is too often remembered for being “doubting Thomas.” Ask him to quell your doubts and help you grow your faith, just as he did.

  • July 4 is the Feast of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. He was known as the “Man of the Eight Beatitudes.” Read more about him here, pick a beatitude (hint: Matthew 5:1-12) and bring it to prayer today. Try to live one (or more!) of these more fully in your life in the coming week.

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